My name is Gonzalo Astray, and this is my personal web page in which I will gradually upload things that revolve about my professional life and the Faculty of Science at Ourense.

The research over sixteen years focuses on machine learning applications and bioactive compounds. We applied machine learning to predict microplastic adsorption and extract polyphenols. Additionally, we can evaluated machine learning methods for reservoir outflow and solar irradiation modeling. In food chemistry, we can explored cyclodextrin inclusion complexes, repurposes olive oil by-products for functional foods or fruit extracts and applies biomolecules in crop protection and low-salt meat products, among others.

On this site, detailed information will be posted regarding the various publications currently available related to my research activities. Additionally, different offers for Bachelor’s and Master’s thesis projects will be included. Finally, special issues of journals in which I serve as a guest editor will be presented.


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