BIOMEM launches this Call for the recruitment of promising postdoctoral candidates who want to develop their work at the HEALTH & DIAGNOSTIC area with our team in their facilities. The offer is aimed at postdoctoral candidates in next related subjects: micro – nanotechnologies, chemistry, bioengineering, chemical engineering, applied physics, etc. for currents projects in microbial sensors for pathogen monitoring, wearable sensors for non-invasive biomedical monitoring, lab-on-a-chip for infection diseases, Point-of-care multichannel for cardiovascular diseases, veterinary POC, food safety microTAS, etc.

Postdoctoral candidates will be encouraged to apply for financial grants by post-doc programs with their support and experience. PhD in Biochemistry/biology, chemistry, physics or engineering finalized after January 1, 2010. Other realized postdoctoral stages will be valued. Competitive C.V. (high quality level of scientific publications, conferences, research papers, patents, etc.).

Selection will be done by a Scientific Committee composed by staff scientist of the BioMEMs advisory board.

Interested candidates are invited to submit their applications by e-mail to, with the Reference of the post (BioMEMs2014-postdoc), along with the following documents:

1. A cover letter with expression of interest
2. Curriculum Vitae
3. List of scientific publications (congresses and patents too)


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