Special issues currently in progress

In this section, you will find the various special issues of academic journals in which I have had the honor of serving as a guest editor. Each of these special issues reflects dedicated collaboration and a specific focus on cutting-edge research topics. Below is a detailed list of these special issues, including the corresponding journal, the title of the special issue, and a brief description of its content:

Journal: Water
Special Issue Title: Application of Machine Learning in Hydrologic Sciences
Description: In recent years, machine learning (ML) has been extensively used to address problems in various scientific fields, with notable algorithms including support vector machines, Bayesian networks, and artificial neural networks. Numerous monitoring instruments and stations now collect daily hydrological data, which ML models use to study issues like dam and water supply management, extreme weather events, pollutant transport, and rain-induced landslides. The Special Issue on «Application of Machine Learning in Hydrologic Sciences» aims to showcase current research using ML to tackle these challenges, highlighting advancements and applications in hydrologic sciences.
Deadline: 31 July 2024.

This special issue has been designed to advance knowledge in its respective field of study, and I am grateful to all the contributors and reviewers who have contributed to their success.