Beca / Training en el Centro de Investigacións Biomédicas (CINBIO)

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The  Biomedical  Research  Center (Centro  de  Investigaciones  Biomédicas, CINBIO) at Universidade de Vigo is a multidisciplinary center that covers some of the main research areas in Biomedicine. It emerged to create a common infrastructure for biomedical experts from the University  of  Vigo (Spain),  working  on  basic,  applied and  clinical  research.

Six Predoctoral positions are offered

REFERENCE CINBIO – 4 New methods for detection of biotoxins.
REFERENCE CINBIO – 5 Chemical Engineering.
REFERENCE CINBIO – 6 Colloidal Chemistry.
REFERENCE CINBIO – 7 Organic/Medicinal Chemistry.
REFERENCE CINBIO – 8 Methodological biostatistics.
REFERENCE CINBIO – 9 Cancer Genomics.

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Application deadline: 07/12/2016


Oferta recogida por imasd de la Universidad de Vigo

Listado de otras becas publicadas y ofertas de trabajo.