• Modelling the Extract Yield and Total Phenolic Content in Olea europea leaves (INVESTIGO).

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    • Artificial neural networks applications and challenges in the food industry.
    • Machine learning methods to model the growth and product formation by Lactococcus lactis CECT 539 in fed-batch cultures.
    • Machine learning techniques application to model quality parameters of chicken breast and liver under to heat treatment (TFG).
    • Machine learning models for mushroom authenticity, a solution to the labeling law (INVESTIGO).

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    • Machine learning models based on Quantitative Structure−Activity Relationship to predict ready biodegradability of chemicals (TFG).
    • Solvation parameter model using machine learning models.
    • Seed morphology for taxonomic classification by artificial intelligence algorithms (Postdoctoral stay).
    • Identification of pistachios varieties, based on the fatty acid footprint, using machine learning (INVESTIGO).

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